Buy MPX Cartridges Online

Buy MPX Cartridges Online

Buy MPX Cartridges Online.

An industry leader in the production of premium cannabis concentrates, MPX has truly perfected the craft of making clean and potent extracts. Melting Point Extracts produces concentrates that consistently push the envelope and raise the standard of what to expect from a cannabis extract.

MPX’s full-spectrum live resin cartridges are made only with 100% cannabis oil – no cutting agents, diluents, food-grade terpenes, or other artificial ingredients. Like their regular live resin, this resin is extracted from fresh harvested fresh frozen plants that allow it to capture the full essence of each strain. This live resin retains all of the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids found in each and every strain.

MPX’s X-Vape cartridges are packed with MPX’s high-THC cannabis distillate. No artificial flavors or colors, just all-natural cannabinoids, and strain-specific terpenes.

All MPX vape cartridges can be counted on for safety, efficiency, potency, and consistency. Exclusively made with CCell technology that is third-party tested to be guaranteed of heavy metals for a safe and pure vaping experience.

You can find MPX products at our Heaven Dispensary. Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock.

Buy MPX Cartridges Online
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